Тhe Flying People

They don't come over space, they were born оn this Еarth
but their hearts ain’t like ours...
~Valeri Petrov~


We have more than 15  years of experience in flying and many satisfied passengers and students around the globe.

Individual Training

Your safety is our first priority, therefore you have personal attention and an individual training program.

Great Location

We are blessed t to live and work in a beautiful location with great flying conditions and lots of possibilities for adventures and relaxation and all that at fair prices.

About Us

Hello Adventure Seeker!
Maybe you are just curious, maybe you have dreamed about flying, or maybe you've tried it and want to learn how to do it by yourself?  
I want to assure you that this I the right place to be if you want to explore that whole new world!
The World of The Flying people!
Let me introduce myself, our team, our club, and the flight school... 


Petyo Kyurkchiyski
AppI Flyght Instructor
Petyo is our experienced pilot and instructor with more than 15 years in the sky! You will feel safe and comfortable in his hands!

Gergana Georgieva
Photographer & PR
Gerry is our PR and photographer. She is always shining with her smile and she will make your day :)

Dimitar Georgiev
Sales Manager
Mitko is our sales manager. He will take good care of everything that you might need!

Plamen Kaimski
Transport & Guide
Plamen is our skillful 4x4 driver and mountain guide He will take you literally everywhere in our mountains by car or by foot!        

PPG Flight School

In our flight school, we work in compliance with the high standards of training set by the Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors  (APPI),  and moreover, we offer you a personal training program, which means that you have 100% personal attention from your instructor!

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APPI PPG Adventure Pilot Course

The APPI PPG Adventure Pilot course is just for you if:

  • You are a beginner with no previous experience and you want to discover the beauty and joy from human flight.
  • You want to be trained according to the high standards of APPI.
  • You want to progress and obtain APPI Pilot Certification.
The APPI PPG Adventure Pilot course will provide you with your first rating in the APPI PPG Education System.
You will learn how to launch and control the wing on the ground, without the engine, and also learns how to control the Paramotor on the ground.
The aim is to perform at least one solo PPG flight.
This rating allows you to operate only under the close supervision of an APPI PPG Instructor and progress to the APPI PPG Pilot course.


The APPI PPG Pilot course is just for you if:

  • You have completed your APPI PPG Adventure Pilot course.
  • You want to progress and APPI PPG Pilot qualification.
  • You want to become a knowledgeable and safe pilot who wants to take all the benefits from the sport.
That intermediate course will provide you with APPI PPG Pilot qualification. 
You will become an independent paramotor pilot, capable of flying solo and analyzing the different weather conditions without supervision. 
Before flying to different sites, APPI PPG pilots are recommended to choose places where they can have assistance from an APPI PPG School.

Personal Progression Training

The Personal Progression Training is just for you if:

  • You have some experience in paragliding and you want to add power to your back and extend your horizons as a recreational pilot
  • You have a long break for some reason and you want to restore your flying skills and condition.
  • You have completed your powered paragliding training in another place but you are not satisfied and you have doubts should you continue or just sell your equipment and quit.
 In that course, you will learn what you need to progress safely as a PPG Pilot. We will set up an individual training program for you based on your current level of knowledge and skills, so in no time you will become a Certified APPI PPG Pilot


Paragliding  Adventure

Tandem paragliding is the purest form of human flight where you can feel the wind as free as a bird just after a short preflight briefing. 
Our experienced instructor will take care of your joyful flight and your safety.

Pilot Transportation 4x4

We are happy to offer all fellow pilots transportation service to our home fight site Ostrogan and all nearby PG, HG takeoffs.
We can arrange as many as necessary 4x4 SUVs for driving you up and retrieval.

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